Christmas Day 2017

I don’t know who gets more excited on Christmas morning…me or the kids. I could barely sleep, because I was so excited for them to see what Santa brought. They were up at 6:30am ready to run into the living room. Easton wanted to stay in a bed a little longer, so he came out a little later :)



After they saw the presents, I found something hidden in a bag on the side of the fireplace. The note read, “For Kennedy & Jules to SHARE, since these are so RARE.” I wondered what in the world Santa hid for them to find!


I heard screams and giggles and they pulled out the one toy they asked for this year – a “limited edition” surprise L.O.L. ball. I don’t know how Santa found this bad boy, but he managed.




Finally Mr. Easton woke up an hour later. He went straight to the toy I knew he would go to first….the fishing pole!


Then his eyes got big when he saw his very own “cane cutta”. How did Santa know!?





We had a wonderful day spent with family and too much food. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From our family to yours…

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