March Madness

What a bad Mama I am for not updating in almost one month! The days are rare when we can just relax lately. The older the kids gets, the busier they get – I have deemed myself a professional taxi/Uber driver.

Our Harley Marley turned 10 years old this month! He still gets into trouble, but he is the sweetest. He is slowing turning grey/white on his neck and back. We love that old man! The kids in the neighborhood sang Happy Birthday to him wearing Paw Patrol masks!


Now that the weather is a lot warmer, Dad takes the crew fishing after school during the week. They each have their own pole, and are oh so proud!



Jules is still practicing gymnastics, and has mastered her backbend kickover! She has a pretty good teacher ;) They play gym class almost every night.

Kennedy went to the eye doctor, and landed some pretty cool frames. They are for classroom use only (not full time), and she is taking really good care of them, surprisingly! Jules was upset she didn’t get a pair!


They all had a blast at their school’s Spring Festival. The rain held out for us on the day we attended. We came home with about 7 goldfish (Easton won two by himself)…we let the fishies go swim with their other fish friends in the pond ;)




Jules has been practicing for her upcoming Kindergarten Graduation, Kennedy has been practicing for her upcoming gymnastics state meet, and Easton has been “trying” to practice on the potty.

We are anxiously awaiting the Easter Bunny’s arrival…and some surprises for the kids in the near future!

I literally look at my calendar day by day nowadays and just pray it tells me where to go next LOL. Living the busy life, but loving every minute!








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