PIRATE FAIL (Disney Day 1 – Magic Kingdom)

On our arrival day, we left our house at 2:30am for our 5:15am flight. The kids did amazingly well. Once the plane took off, they all napped until the plane landed. We were banking on these naps, so I am so glad they went as planned!

We left our bags at our resort, picked up our double stroller rental, and headed to Magic Kingdom! We started on the left side of the park and made our way around. We had two days planned in Magic Kingdom, so we planned the left side on arrival day and the right side on our last day. Easton sat at all times in the stroller, and the girls took turns walking (they were not happy about this).

The minute we walked into the park, the kids were smitten with a family of ducks. These ducks were everywhere in Magic Kingdom!


Our very first ride was Jungle Cruise. We took the slow boat ride through the “exotic” rivers. Seth and I laughed at the corny jokes throughout the tour – the tour guides make this attraction!

We kept walking until we passed Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ve been on this ride multiple times and never once thought about categorizing it as “scary.” I did not think twice about bringing the kids on the ride. What a fail! The girls said they enjoyed it; however, their attraction picture proved otherwise.

Poor Easton is scarred for life. He started out in the front with Seth, and then quickly dove over the seat into my arms. His whole body was literally shaking. He cried the entire time. For the rest of the trip he talked about those pirates. “I don’t like pirates. I don’t like dark. I don’t like pirates.” My poor buddy!


We agreed on no more dark rides for Easton!

We took a break after that catastrophe and stopped at Aloha Isle to try the famous Dole Whip!

We kept walking through Frontierland to make our way to Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad. Of course we had to stop at the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade for Seth :)






Thankfully, Easton fell asleep just in time for our FastPass to Splash Mountain. Kennedy & Jules LOVE this ride!


Next, we had a FastPass to Thunder Mountain Railroad, and we used the parent swap option. Seth rode with the girls first, then I immediately went on and rode with them…so they were able to ride most rides back to back. Fearless little beauties!


We had lunch at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café. It’s a very tasty Mexican quick service restaurant! I would recommend!


On our way out of the park, we ran into Merida! Kennedy & Jules brought their character books, and each character signed by their own picture.



After we finished the left side of Magic Kingdom, we took a boat ride to Fort Wilderness Lodge for supper at Mickey’s Backyard BBQ.

Before checking in, we walked the grounds to see some of the donkeys and horses on the property. This area is SO nice (and quiet).



We fixed plates from a buffet of BBQ fixings, and the kids had a hoe down with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Chip & Dale.








The first day was by far our longest day during the trip. We were up since 2:00am and did not stop all day. We made sure to rest up that night, so that everyone was nice and energized for Day 2!


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