Lock Up Your Princesses (Disney Day 5 – Magic Kingdom)

Our last day was by far our busiest. We did not stop all day until we rode everything and saw everything we wanted! We were there when the park opened and watched the opening show on the castle stage.








We then headed to Haunted Mansion (one of Daddy’s favorites.) Kennedy & Jules rode with Dad while I stayed out and had a snack with Easton. He was tall enough for this ride, but I was not about to traumatize him again like the pirates.

We walked to our next adventure….Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid. The girls have seen this one before, but they love it just as much every time. Easton LOVED “the fish!” throughout the ride.



We walked over to meet Ariel at her grotto. Her tail was so beautiful, and they all wanted to touch her fins!



We then shot lasers at some aliens on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. This was another one of Easton & Dad’s favorites.

We used our FastPass for Space Mountain. This was the first time the girls rode Space Mountain…and they were able to go twice!



We then rode another favorite…Dumbo the Flying Elephant (or “Gumbo” as Easton calls it). While we rode, Seth was able to enjoy his turkey leg he had been eyeing.


We took a snack break and parked ourselves on the sidewalk for the Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party. The characters came in the street and everyone was up on their feet dancing. All the kids LOVED this parade. They could not stop smiling.







Not long after we grabbed a quick lunch, ALL of the kids took a nap in the strollers. Seth and I kept walking and looking at everything. We went to a couple of souvenir shops…and no one even flinched. They were exhausted.

They all woke up just in time for Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade. I love this parade, because SO many characters ride and wave to everyone.





The highlight for Jules was when Rapunzel’s float passed. She noticed Jules had a dress on just like hers….she pointed to Jules and smiled, waved, and raised up her skirt to show the similarities between the dresses. Jules’ face was priceless.

Ribbet collage


We then headed to one of Mom’s favorites…Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Since Easton was too short, the girls were able to ride twice. We kept Easton occupied with some ice cream :)



Our next stop was Fairytale Hall where we met Rapunzel & Tiana. DSC_2444g



I knew Easton liked all the characters at Disney, but he LOVED the princesses. His eyes would just light up, and he would look at them with this shy side eye. Seth and I kept laughing so much. He was such a charmer and surely the perfect Prince Charming.



When we got to Tiana, I told her that our family was from Louisiana, too. She said “oh really, what part!?” I told her where we were from, and she looked at me with huge eyes. She said “Are you serious? I’m from St. James Parish!” She asked the girls if they were going to be St. James Wildcats when they were older. We were shocked! How awesome that Tiana was from our area! (She couldn’t say too much more since she was in character, but it was so awesome to meet her and have that connection.)





Tiana loved Easton. She said she wanted to take him back to her house! She asked if she could give him a kiss, and I told her absolutely. She left the perfect red kiss mark on his chubby cheeks. He wore that lipstick mark so proud! What a ham! He knows the tricks with the ladies :)






For dinner we had reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern. Oh. My. Goodness. This quickly became one of our favorite places to eat in Disney. It was like eating a Thanksgiving feast…salad, rolls, turkey, roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni, & dessert. We were STUFFED. It was the perfect last meal!


As if we didn’t have enough excitement that day, Kennedy pulled out her fifth tooth on our last day in Disney. She put her tooth under her pillow in hopes the Tooth Fairy would make it all the way to Disney World…..but the tooth Fairy did not come. Tinkerbell came instead! That little green fairy snuck into our room and left Kennedy a note under her pillow (written on a zip loc bag, because obviously she couldn’t find paper).


The note read, “I hope I didn’t leave too much pixie dust on the floor! P.S. Check your autograph book!” Both girls jumped out of bed to check Tinkerbell’s page in their books. To our surprise, she signed BOTH of their books next to her picture! To Mommy’s surprise, Tinkerbell spelled her name wrong. (OMG) She added an extra “E” just like Belle has on her name. (She must have been rushing or half asleep) No one noticed, so all is well in the magical world :)


We had the most wonderful time in the most magical place in the world. It was hectic with three kids and two parents, but we made some really good memories I know they will remember. Thanks again, Disney :)