Schools Out! – Kindergarten Graduation

My calendar is a hot mess right now – between everyone’s schedules, extra curricular activities, and my jobs, it’s been so hard to think straight lately! I’m a little late on our end of the school year postings, but better late than never, right!?

Jules finished Kindergarten a couple of days before Kennedy (who obviously was not happy about that!)


A couple of weeks before school ended, Jules failed her eye screening at school. I brought her to a pediatric optimologist who confirmed Jules is near-sighted. She was able to choose whatever glasses she wanted, and I think they look adorable on her precious face. She is doing surprisingly well at taking care of them!

She sure has grown in the past school year! My baby girl is catching up in height to her big sis.


We can’t thank her teacher enough for everything this school year. We were blessed to have the same Kindergarten teacher Kennedy had…so we’ve been with her for two years straight! We will surely miss her!


Kennedy finished the year with all A’s…she has really grown mentally and physically. Her toes were busting out of her shoes, her skirts were getting shorter, and her shirts were becoming shorter! She will pass momma up in no time.

Ribbet collage2

We were blessed in the teacher department in first grade as well. Her teacher would lend her chapter books throughout the year, and she enjoyed reading “the whole thing!” She loves Language Arts just like her mom!


Later in the week, we all dressed up to attend Jules’ Kindergarten Graduation.





Jules was so excited for all of us to attend – she kept asking, “how many more days!?”



Their class sang a couple of songs on stage, then received their certificates from Father Vincent. My girl could not stop smiling.





We stayed for refreshments and small talk with her friends – a lot of whom she will be seeing all summer!



We are extremely proud of both girls who are doing so well in school. They deserve the best summer break ever! They are already enjoying spending so much time in the pool. They are both darker than me already! Happy summer, ya’ll!



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