To Jules on your 6th Birthday

My sweet girl,

The more I watch you grow, the more I tell myself to be more like Jules! You don’t let many things bother you, you adapt to any situation, and you always have a smile on your face. I hope you never lose your carefree spirit, because it’s one of your best traits!


If anyone is sitting on the couch with me at night…it’s you. You are my “snuggle bunny” and you love to hug and cuddle with mommy. Our spot on the sofa is getting smaller and smaller as you grow, but there will ALWAYS be room!

You are such a great friend. You always think of others, and always play nice with everyone. No wonder everyone loves that Julesy Wulsey!


I love to just watch you when you don’t notice I’m there. You say and do really random things, and you make me laugh so much.


I love that you don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing. You could be in the middle of a game with your friends, and then just say “I’m going take a nap!” You love your food and sleep! That’s why you are such a happy girl…always rested and always full :)


We are so proud of you, Jules! You are such a good girl…rarely getting into trouble. I know you will rock first grade pretty soon! You are the sweetest sister and daughter, and we are lucky God put you into our family. I hope you enjoyed your painting party and your new bike! I cannot wait to continue celebrating with you when we are on the beach in a couple of days.


Love you, snuggle bunny!



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