First Days of School…finally all in the same place!

Kennedy started second grade, and Jules started first grade. They are just down the hall from each other. They pretended like they weren’t ready to go back to school, but they surely jumped out of bed real quick on the first day!






One week later it was time for our little man to start, too. Just like his sisters, Easton started Prek 3 at the same school. He aged about 3 years when he put that little uniform on the first day! He was SUPER excited about his school bag. He had to try on his school bag every single day since we brought it home. He was also super excited to use his new scissors (I hope those are hidden in the classroom for a while).



He surely walked in that school like he knew where he was going. Daddy came with us walk him in on his first day. He didn’t want to hold my hand or anything! He walked right in and started playing with the toys. We gave him hugs and he just looked at us and said, “BYEE!!!!”



We got back in the car and I told Seth that NONE of our kids cried for me on the first day. Not a tear! Most kids were holding onto their moms and were really hesitant….not mine! They were excited to leave their poor momma!


I’m so happy that are all finally in the same place! They all had great first days…I heard about all their stories on the way home. I’m so glad they are off to such a great start this school year :)

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