To Easton on your 3rd Birthday

My sweet boy,

How has it been 1,095 days since we saw your precious little face for the first time? Every single day you’ve been here, you have put a smile on our faces. You can brighten anyone’s day with your charm and personality.


You are so funny! You love to be silly and joke around. You like to dance silly with your crazy sisters, and you think it’s hilarious when you make funny noises. When I hear that belly laugh, I can’t help but giggle myself.


You still do not play with toys. We have so many fire trucks, tractors, and blocks in your room, but you don’t play with any. You literally only want to play ball. It doesn’t matter what kind, but you play with tennis balls, baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, golf balls, and bouncy balls. I have counted 32 balls in our house (this is not counting ALL the balls we keep outside). 32 balls….and you play with every single one. You truly live up to your name.



When you are not kicking them, you are throwing them. When you are not throwing them, you are hitting them with your bats. All of Mom’s picture frames in our living room do not have glass on the front of them anymore. I hope you can replace those for me one day :) You are so good at what you love. I cannot wait to watch you play T-ball in the spring.


You are a typical little boy. You love to get dirty, but don’t like to take a bath. You love to “use it” outside in the grass. You love to hit and kick things just because. You love to fish with daddy in the pond, and love to ride in anyone’s boat. But you are definitely a sweet momma’s boy, and I love to snuggle you every night.


You are quite the little celebrity. When we go to the bank, you get treats from the ladies at the window. When we walk into the store, the cashiers always wave and high five “East!” When you walk through school, you are always getting high fives and pats on the head. I love that you are so loved.


My hope for you is that you keep adding a little bit of sunshine to everyone’s day. Keep being the lovable, funny, little firecracker that you are today. I hope you had a blast at your Toy Story birthday party. Momma & Daddy love you more than you know.

Love, Mom

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