Kennedy’s 8th Birthday – Beads Everywhere

We had a small get together for Kennedy’s close friends and family. Cake and sweets were on menu!



We had ten girls over to create some adorable jewelry. The owner of a local boutique came over to help the girls make beaded bracelets! They were so proud of their creations!

We tried to keep Easton out (girls only!), but he kept making his way in somehow.




Ribbet collage3



Ribbet collage2



Ribbet collage



I love to watch Kennedy open presents. Obviously, she is the dramatic one out of the bunch ;)




For her last surprise, Nana & Grampi held her eyes closed until Daddy rolled it to her for the reveal. At the rate her legs are growing, she’ll need a larger bike every year!



After the jewelry making was done, we had the rest of our family and “boy” cousins over for some cake!





Thanks to everyone to came to Kenn’s party to make her feel extra special!

To Kennedy on your 8th Birthday


When I think of you, I think of chubby little cheeks, pinchable thighs, and a little girl always on the “stage” of our fireplace for nightly entertainment. When I look at you lately, I see a young lady almost as tall as me, wearing adult shoe sizes, with a sarcastic wit you get from me and Daddy. You are only in second grade, and sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a 20 year old. You make us laugh all the time, and I hope you continue to make people smile everyday.


I don’t think you realize how smart you are. Dad and I are always looking at each other silently thinking, “how does she know that?” You love to read, and you have a broad vocabulary for an eight year old. Just a couple of months ago, you were reading picture books. Lately, I see bookmarks in thick chapter books, and it blows my mind! This will be so useful to you in whatever career you choose. Keep reading, my dear!


You are so funny, Kenn. You have a sarcastic wit that I believe you are still trying to figure out how to use. Sometimes it gets you in trouble, but mostly makes us belly laugh. Pair that with your dramatic nature, and you are one hilarious young lady. I cannot wait to see where you end up when you are older …. I’m pretty sure it will be on a stage of some kind. We have said from when you were little, that you would win an Academy award one day ;)


You are at the stage in your life where you are figuring yourself out. You loved gymnastics, but wanted to try something new. As hard as it was, we sat back and let you decide for yourself that you wanted to try dance class. If it were possible, you would want to enroll in gymnastics, dance, acting class, art class, and singing lessons. You love to learn new skills…and the thing is…you are good at them all! You don’t realize the talents you hold.


As you grow older, I long for my chubby, bright eyed little baby. But, I love watching the young lady you are becoming. Happy 8th birthday, my sweet Kennedy. Never stop entertaining us!

Love, Mom