Our Favorite Elf is BACK!

To say we have been busy over the last month would be a huge understatement. So busy, in fact, I have not had time to update this blog in over a month! We are back just in time, though, to share some photos of our favorite elf from the North Pole.

Herbie returned the day after Thanksgiving. He flew through the wrong window in our house, and ended up in our coffee bar!


The next morning we found him singing nursery rhymes in Mom’s teapot!


The kids were all giggles when we found he was trapped on the fridge in Easton’s underwear!


That little stinker took one of our marshmallows and made himself comfy by a fire.


He thought he was taking some of our cookies the next day, but he actually took the dog treats! I don’t think he was happy.


He was showing respect for our manger scene by taking off his hat and kneeling the next day. The girls wanted to know why he was getting bald!


All the kids had to brush their teeth in Mom & Dad’s bathroom the next morning. Herbie filled their sink with marshmallows to take a bubble bath!


As we were getting dressed for church the next morning, we found him in our Advent wreath reminding us it was the first Sunday in Advent!


He flew very high the next day…we almost did not find where he was hiding! He was at the top of our Christmas tree!


I had to leave for four days and head to Texas for a work trip. I was super nervous at how Herbie would act without me around. However, he did not miss a beat! The kids Facetimed me every morning to show me where Herbie was before they left for school. One morning he was in our utility room trying to buy some laundry service!


He flew to the light and then to the bathroom the next days. On the night I came home, we found him making snow angels in the kitchen!


Easton was fussing Herbie the next morning when he found that he was riding his train. I bet Herbie was nervous being so close to the ground, but Easton did a great job of not touching him once!


“MOMMA! O.M.G!!,” is all I heard from the bathroom the next morning. Herbie apparently poops tootsie rolls. Those elves are something else!!


We found him admiring all of our Christmas cards we have been getting in the mail!


That little stinker took the kids’ underwear and hung them on the tree! He does this every year, and the kids laugh and laugh.


Another little elf told Herbie about this activity about giving. He set out a basket in the playroom and had the kids fill it up with toys they no longer played with. He took it to the North Pole that night to give to children who needed toys. I was actually surprised at how much they put into the basket. It was overflowing!


We enjoy our time with Herbie so much during the holidays. He adds so much JOY to this season! We don’t have many more days left with him, so we are making the most out of his remaining days!


2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Elf is BACK!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I LOVE the laundry basket idea for allowing your kids to donate their old toys so that other kids could benefit from the blessings that your children have received and have either outgrown or no longer enjoy. I will totally be sharing this with my brother and his wife for their kiddos! :)
    p.s. I hope you come back to blogging soon! :)

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