When I was in sixth grade, I sat in my assigned seat on our school bus. A super cute little bitty fourth grader sat next to me. We talked and quickly became friends. Growing up in a small town, we knew of each other and our families. I knew she had a handsome older brother and remember asking her for his school picture. She brought the photo to me, and I remember staring at his crew cut, his spaced out teeth, this skinnier than a rail handsome boy. I was smitten. Imagine my excitement when she asked me for a sleepover at her house. I would actually get to meet him.

Of course at this sleepover, I was awkward and shy and spoke under by breath. I barely acknowledged he was there, because I was embarrassed at what his sister had been telling him. Obviously I was a little young to date, so the crush phase would have to do for a while. My dreams came true when we became boyfriend and girlfriend four years later.

Surviving high school drama and a long distance college relationship, I answered the easiest question he ever asked me six years later…

During marriage prep, I remember one of the first questions our priest asked us as a couple. “Where do you see yourselves and your relationship in 10 years?” Would I be a horrible wife if I tell you that I can’t remember Seth’s answer? I vividly remember mine, though. I immediately answered, “Sitting on my front porch, swinging on my porch swing, while watching our kids play in the yard.” That’s it. That’s all I ever wanted as a wife and mother…to have a simple and happy life and family.

In the last ten years we’ve:

  • been through pregnancies
  • had our first child…and thought that was so fun we had 2 more
  • changed a bazzillion diapers
  • progressed in both of our jobs
  • built a house
  • grown closer to God
  • had another fur baby
  • been on multiple vacations
  • had a couple of ER visits
  • grieved the death of loved ones
  • gained plenty of new friends 

We’ve been busy. We’ve been challenged. We’ve shed tears through frustration … and then some from laughing so hard.  We’ve grown. 

Married for 10…together for 16…I love that our love story is my favorite. I hope in the next 10 years, we still sit on our patio late at night listening to music while the kids sleep. I hope he still slaps my butt when he passes me in the kitchen. I hope I still start his truck for him on cold mornings. I hope I still get random inappropriate texts.

I may mess up a lot in life…I may be the biggest hot mess around, but I know I made the right decision in marrying my husband. He is a man of God, an involved father, and a supporting partner. As an added bonus, I still look at him and think, “Damn that guy’s hot.”

I am forever grateful that my dream for a marriage and family came true – and that we sit on our front porch often, swinging on the porch swing, while we watch our kids play in the yard.

Everything else – the jobs, the house, the vacations, the absolute chaos…is a complete bonus.

I still pinch myself when I look at the jackpot I won in the marriage department. Lord knows it is not always easy. I don’t know a married couple out there who claims it’s easy and perfect.

But I so enjoy trying.

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