To Easton on your 4th Birthday

My sweet boy,

How are you already 4 years old? I feel like 2 & 3 years old were still “toddler” years, and you have grown into a big boy overnight.

You make us laugh every single day, Easton. Your personality is so funny, and your laugh is contagious. You love to be silly just like your sisters. One of your favorite things to do with them is build forts. The three of you use my dining room table and chairs and lay every blanket we have over the furniture. You get 3 flashlights and I can hear ya’ll giggling in the secret hideout. It usually ends in someone crying, but I enjoy it while it lasts :)

Four years later and you still don’t care to sit and play with toys…ever. When inside, you love to hit a balloon (mom had to hide all the balls) or “bottle flip.” You recently received a Nerf gun for your birthday. You shot it for a while, but then I caught you throwing the bullet up in the air and hitting it with the gun. Everything you find becomes a bat and ball. When you get punished from your bat, I find you stealing my wooden spoons from the kitchen drawer and using them as your bats. There is no denying your love for anything sports, and I cannot wait to see what becomes of your passion.

You are such a sweet boy, Easton. You love to snuggle and say, “I love you” randomly when passing me in the house. Every single time we go outside, I can expect that you will pick a flower from the grass and come up to me with your hands behind your back. You are 100 percent a “mama’s boy” and I love every second of it.

I hope you had a great first day as an official rider of the bus. You have been counting down the days until you were four so you could ride like your sisters. Dad and I love you so much, buddy. Stop growing so fast on this poor mama :)

Love, Mom

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