Pyloric Stenosis

You know how you have this weird feeling sometimes that something is just not right? That’s the way I felt when my 4 week old starting vomiting randomly during the day and night. He had never spit up or vomited before; he just all of sudden started around 4 weeks of age. Initially I thought he was starting with reflux. Kennedy spit up until she was 6 months old, so I just figured he was taking after his sister. However, this was nothing like just spit up. It was full force projectile vomiting, and I knew something was not right.

After Day 5 (with the symptom getting progressively worse) I brought him to our pediatrician. She immediately suspected Pyloric Stenosis. I had never heard of such a diagnosis, so naturally I freaked out a little. She said the main symptom was projectile vomiting (Check!), the problem usually presents itself between 3-5 weeks of age (Check!), and it commonly happens to the first born male (Check!)

She sent us straight for an abdominal ultrasound – his very first ultrasound outside of my belly. The ultrasound showed he was in the beginning stages of Pyloric Stenosis – but not in the need for surgery yet. We had to watch him over the weekend and repeat the ultrasound on Monday.


Over that weekend, he progressively became worse…to the point where he was vomiting every bottle. By Monday he started to lose ounces in his weight. The repeat ultrasound confirmed Pyloric Stenosis. Basically, it’s a block between the stomach and the intestine…not allowing food to pass through (therefore it must come up). Unfortunately the only fix is surgery. Doctors prefer to perform surgery fairly quickly since the vomiting could cause dehydration. We went straight from the ultrasound to Oschner Medical where we met with his doctor there.



One of the hardest parts that day was trying to make a 4 week old fast. He had not had a bottle in almost 12 hours. He was not happy. One thing that made him stop crying for at least a couple minutes was his dad doing bicep curls with his car seat. For some reason, he loved being lifted up and down…up and down. Maybe he thought we were leaving poor baby.



Finally they came to take him to surgery (I do not wish that on any mother).
Basically the surgeon went through his belly button to cut through the muscle that was too thick for his food to pass through.

His sisters were there to help pass the time in the waiting room. They kept us and the other people waiting very entertained :)




They wanted to draw Easton some pictures for his room. We were not prepared with paper and crayons, but thankfully Maw had a calendar they could write and draw on for Easton. Kennedy told me she drew three E’s in a row…because she wanted Easton to get better in three days :)


His surgery went smoothly – only took about 30 minutes. When he woke up in recovery he was not happy. Again, he could not eat and he was starving. He made a lot of noise in that recovery room!

Slowly, he started getting an ounce at a time. It’s amazing how he just woke up not vomiting anymore. The medical field is wonderful.




I made sure to put his big sisters calendar artwork in his bed! They were so proud.


Since he was tolerating all his feedings, we were able to go home after one night. I took a picture like this because Seth is one of those guys who looks even hotter when he’s carrying kid :)


Thank you, Jesus, it was not an invasive surgery and he will have no long term effects. He can now take a full bottle and have a full belly…which makes him all smiles!


We were so humbled by the hundreds of comments, texts, calls, and prayers for Easton. I say this all the time, but we truly have the best family and friends. They make hard times just a little bit easier :)

1 Month Later…

Has it really been one month already since we added our little man to our family!? We have been super busy and time is going way to fast. Everyone keeps asking me how’s it going with three under 4 years old – actually, it is going a lot smoother than I expected! (so far)

We are blessed to have a super sweet and good boy. He gives us rest at night and he is a pretty content baby. Aside from a vomiting issue which is being addressed, he just goes with our flow and just fits in perfectly… like he has been here forever!



His first (sponge) bath at home was not his favorite…his big sisters helped to bathe him, but he was not happy.




His first “real” bath, however, was a much different story! He went limp and just relaxed in the tub – he looked like he was relaxing in his own jacuzzi! I think he would have fallen asleep in there if I would have let. Again, his big sisters helped wash him real good – they feel so big when we ask them to take care of their little brother ;)






Tuesdays and Thursdays lately have been lazy days…for Jules and Harley. Since Jules only goes to school three days per week, she stays at home on the other two days. She and Harley love to lay around and watch TV…she plays “sleepover” with him…covers him in blankets, snuggles with him, lays on him…and he just lets her do whatever she pleases. Of course, I snap every moment I can…dog and kid pictures make my heart melt into a big puddle :)





The highlight of my husbands past month (aside from his son’s birth) was meeting Drew Brees! Thanks to some perks at work, he was able to meet and greet many Saints players and get some signatures. I think the kids and I have moved down on the totem pole after this…


The girls celebrated Grandparents Day at school by having Nana, Maw, & Pappy visit their classrooms! They were so excited to show off everything they have learned and made since school began.


One more accomplishment in the last month has been my gymnast, Kennedy! She practices so hard and finally got her pull over on the “big bar” at gym, and she completes her back bends by kicking over…big accomplishments for a 4 year old! She is anxiously awaiting her gymnastics birthday party next month!


Life has been busy, hectic, sleep-deprived, and wonderfully chaotic – just like we like it ;)

Easton’s Baptism

Last weekend our family gathered to celebrate Easton’s baptism. Easton wore his Dad’s baptismal gown (which was also worn by both of his sisters). I love this gown – it is so delicate. We are fortunate to still be able to use it after thirty years!



It was such a sweet ceremony, and I loved how they incorporated all the kids by letting them help. I think Easton was the best behaved – he didn’t make a sound!














Afterwards, we had our family and friends over for some yummy gumbo and delicious cake!



Thank you, Jesus, for our tiny blessing! God bless Easton!

Easton’s Newborn Pictures

It’s no surprise I love taking pictures. It’s a rare occasion when we go to a professional photographer, because I love the hobby of taking and editing the photos myself. So when it was time for Easton’s newborn pictures to be taken, I could not wait to “play babies” with him and pose him for the camera.

I knew I wanted his big sisters in a couple of them, so I figured we would take those first since I knew that would be the most challenging. Momma has her work cut out for her getting three to cooperate!





I saw an idea on Pinterest of the “stork” dropping a basket by the door, and the sibling(s) finding the baby at the doorstep. I put Easton in a basket and did not tell the girls. I told them open the door for a surprise :)




Next we took some pictures in only his diaper – I wanted to get some good face close-ups and that blonde hair.





DSC_0071 - Copy


Next I wanted to have some fun with Harley. I bribed him with a treat, and he let me pose him like I wanted. Easton even smiled while Harley was posing on him! A smiling newborn and a dog – could it get any sweeter!?

DSC_0021 (2)

DSC_0021 (2) - Copy

Of course with all his baseball d├ęcor, I had to setup a little baseball backdrop. We tried these with Easton being naked; however, he prefers to be swaddled tight. Still adorable!


DSC_0053 (2)




Last but not least we had to take some pictures for Dad – Who Dat style :)
Can you believe my boy started smiling during his Saints pictures!? His dad was so happy and said, “well what did you expect?”



DSC_0031 - Copy

I added a little bonus for giggles :)

DSC_0034 - Copy

He smiles often. Some people says he’s seeing angels, others say it’s gas. I like to think he’s just happy being here :)

It took me three days (and a lot of patience), but I’m so happy with his pictures. I can’t believe it’s been one week already that we have had him in our lives. Seems like he’s always been here :)