Easton’s First Birthday – Puppy Pawty

I had so much fun planning and decorating Easton’s puppy paw-ty. He loves dogs, so I thought this theme was super cute for a boy. Snips & snails & puppy dog tails, right!?


Of course I had to throw in some themed food – served in dog bowls. The puppy suckers (Oriental Trading) were a hit – I also loved the sign on the bathroom door ;)

Ribbet collage1

Ribbet collage2

Ribbet collage3

Ribbet collage4


One of my favorite decorations were the dog face balloons. A little construction paper and a permanent marker can turn any balloon into the cutest puppy decoration! For favors, the girls helped me paint paw prints on white frisbees.

Ribbet collage5


We spent all morning setting up everything outside on the patio where we planned for the party to take place. Mother Nature reminded us not to plan TOO far ahead….about an hour before the party began, the heavens opened up and gave us a torrential downpour.

We spent the next hour moving the entire party inside our house. It was crazy & loud, but turned out fine – the birthday boy had a great time and that’s all that matters. Wonderful memories made – no matter where you are :)

Yes my house was a mess afterwards, but messes can be cleaned – it reminds me of a quote my mom used to have in our house growing up…”Excuse the mess, the children are making memories.”






I made everything except the Happy Birthday banner and the highchair banner. Those beauties came from Make My Day.



I ordered some doggie ears for the kiddos, and I painted their faces like little pups. They were too cute!







The cake was made by Sugarcoated by Michelle. It was so doggone cute – of course after I took the “official” cake picture, I noticed one of the puppies stuck their little paws in the cake…I have a good guess of who that was (*cough* JULES *cough*)




I thought for sure my boy would be in Heaven eating his cake, but it turned out he did not like the crowd or attention. He was overwhelmed and just wanted to eat in peace!








He enjoyed opening his presents (with his sisters help of course) – he now has a ton of “boy toys” to play with!









Despite the weather, his party turned out great… he was exhausted by the end! He could not keep his eyes open.

I hope you had a wonderful first birthday, my man! We love you so much!



Easton’s Nursery

When we built our house, Jules’ nursery was painted green and Kennedy’s room was painted a light blue. When the girls had to move into the same room together, it was a no brainer which room would be the nursery…it was already the perfect shade of blue!

When I asked Seth how he thought the nursery should be decorated, he said New Orleans Saints :/
I told him I love the Saints too, but black doesn’t exactly go into a baby’s nursery. So we settled on sports…after all, he name is Easton.




It was so much fun buying BLUE for a change. Boys can be fun too!
I can’t wait to fill all of his little picture frames with his newborn pictures


I loved all the vintage sports décor I found. I scored some old used baseballs and some of Daddy’s sports memorabilia. When we were in college, I made Seth a baseball scrapbook. Little did I know that book would one day be sitting on my son’s shelf in his room :)

Seth even had a baseball cap which he wore as a baby that I put on top of our “Watch Me Grow” bear.


Can we just talk about this gorgeous sign above the bed!? I knew I wanted something different above the crib, so of course I turned to Pinterest for ideas. I found a sign very similar to this one, and asked for help from a Facebook friend to paint it for the nursery. It came out better than I expected, and it makes the perfect focal point for the room. I love it! Check out her other work on her Facebook page – MEGHAN CRAWFORD.

He also has his own personalized bat already thanks to my in laws! They found this unique wooden bat which they had his name carved into – I will hang it on the wall at some point, but I haven’t found a display I like yet…for now it sits on his bed.


I just love his little nursery, and I hope he likes it just as much. Who knows…he might not even like sports at all! If he doesn’t, we will just move Daddy into this room ;)

Playdough Mats

Playdough and bubbles. Don’t you just love when your kids play with those things? Don’t they just keep everything in the container that it comes in and not get the stuff on anything else? I think not.

My kids love to play with playdough, but I rarely let them because of the mess it makes. I started letting them play with it outside, but they stick it to EVERYTHING. I’m left scraping playdough off of my car, the windows, the columns, etc.

Browsing around on Pinterest one day, I came across these “Playdough Mats.” Laminated sheets of paper that allow kids to do an activity with the playdough ON the mat. I immediatly became interested until I saw what some people were charging for these things. REALLY!? It’s a sheet of paper. I did find some free printable ones here and here.


Since I don’t have a laminating machine, I put the sheets in plastic sheet protectors – they worked just as well. The girls loved them, and I loved not having to scrape playdough off of anything.



I folded two batches of clothes and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher all while my kids just sat there like good little chlidren playing with their playdough. The mats were easy to clean. Of course if they get some playdough smeared on the mat that is difficult to get off, you simply just take the sheet out and get a new sheet protector!


I will be printing some more and also making my own! I can’t wait to make pumpkins and Santa faces for the upcoming holidays. Great activity to keep your toddler(s) busy!


Jules’ 2nd Birthday Party – Shabby Chic Cowgirl

For those who know me, I start thinking of birthday parties well in advance – my husband thinks I’m nuts. Since Jules’ birthday is right in the middle of July, it’s always a challenge to find something super cute besides pool parties.

It all started months back when I took some photos of the girls. I dressed them in adorable dresses and put them each a pair of boots. I fell in love with this picture

So I started snooping on Etsy and Pinterest for the perfect little cowgirl party – not too western, not too cowgirl-ish. I found the perfect little invitation and decided to go with the vintage shabby chic theme.

We got our girl some little squeaker boots, and paired them with her tutu and birthday shirt. She looked adorable.

So I’m a bit of a “theme freak.” I have so much fun planning parties for any occasion. I wish I could make a living just doing parties. The food is one of my favorites:





Decorations were a lot easier for this party than in the past. Burlap is cheap! I used a lot of burlap and some lace – added some picture frames and cute signs – and voila!






For the backdrop, I used burlap and a quilt from Jules’ bed. The paper fans were from Oriental Trading. I used a bunting that I had hanging in the girls playroom, and the wooden “J” I stole from the wall in Jules’ room.


With all of the burlap I had leftover (I bought an entire roll), I made a “J” to hang on the door. I think I will make a “K” in pink and hang them in the playroom.


Some of my favorite crafts for the party were the favors. I found this tutorial on Pinterest for “horses” made from pool noodles. They were super simple to make – and cheap. All the noodles were from the Dollar Store for .99. I displayed them in one of my laundry hampers :)




I also had some pink, blue, or white bandanas for the gang.




Any cowgirl needs a horse, right? My dad is my hero to brought us a pony and rode every kid more than once. He walked the entire party – we are so thankful for Grampi who spoils his grandchildren rotten! Also thanks to the family friend who let us borrow the sweet pony. The kids loved it – their little faces lit up every time they rode.











For anyone who didn’t want to ride the pony (or for anyone who wanted another ride), my mom and dad brought this vintage horse riding toy they keep in their garage. It was a hit!





Let’s talk about the cake. My friend, Toni, has made all of my kids birthday cakes. She is amazing. Not only do they look phenomenal, but they taste SO good. I am so spoiled by her cakes – no one compares! Each year when she brings one over, I think “this is my favorite one so far.” This year, she didn’t disappoint!



Before the pony had to go back home, Jules gave him a hug goodbye. Doesn’t it look like the pony is hugging her back? So sweet!


My girl blew out her candles all by herself this year. Here she is showing me “two” (almost got it)!




Before the rain came, it was HOT – really hot. The birthday girl was getting cranky in her shirt and boots, so I let her be free LOL.



After all that partying and pony-riding, our girl was worn out. Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating with us!


Where did it all come from?
Jules’ shirt – Lacie’s Loft
Invitation – Pretty Party Creations
Toppers – made by me
Party Wall Art – made my me
Howdy/Yee Haw Garland – The Color Loft

Hubby’s (early) 30th and Graduation Party

Recently, my husband earned his Bachelors of Science in Environmental Management. He has been diligently working every night for the past two years – not an easy thing to do with a full-time job and two young ones. Since he finished school in December and had an approaching 30th birthday at the end of January, I wanted to throw him a little party with our family and friends to show him how proud we are of his accomplishments.

Of course I had to make some home-made corny decor to decorate the cake table :)

I also made him a beer “cake” which I topped with a graduation hat made of cardstock and a diploma.

Although I had some plans for outside decor, the wind got the best of them :( I tried for an hour to make it look like the images in my head, but then I gave up!

It was super chilly, so the fire in our yard was a big hit. My girls had rosy cheeks all night!

The girls were so excited to sing Happy Birthday to him and help him blow out his candles. (Thanks to my super talented friend, Toni, for the delicious cake)

Seth recently finished his “man cave” in our outside building/kitchen. Living in Louisiana and loving football, you can imagine the theme – SAINTS! For his birthday and graduation gift I wanted to get him something unique. I had a friend of mine come paint a huge Saints mural on one of the walls in his man cave. I wanted to keep it a secret, but had to tell him for obvious reasons. It came out awesome, and he loves it. We are so proud of him!