To Kennedy on your 8th Birthday


When I think of you, I think of chubby little cheeks, pinchable thighs, and a little girl always on the “stage” of our fireplace for nightly entertainment. When I look at you lately, I see a young lady almost as tall as me, wearing adult shoe sizes, with a sarcastic wit you get from me and Daddy. You are only in second grade, and sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a 20 year old. You make us laugh all the time, and I hope you continue to make people smile everyday.


I don’t think you realize how smart you are. Dad and I are always looking at each other silently thinking, “how does she know that?” You love to read, and you have a broad vocabulary for an eight year old. Just a couple of months ago, you were reading picture books. Lately, I see bookmarks in thick chapter books, and it blows my mind! This will be so useful to you in whatever career you choose. Keep reading, my dear!


You are so funny, Kenn. You have a sarcastic wit that I believe you are still trying to figure out how to use. Sometimes it gets you in trouble, but mostly makes us belly laugh. Pair that with your dramatic nature, and you are one hilarious young lady. I cannot wait to see where you end up when you are older …. I’m pretty sure it will be on a stage of some kind. We have said from when you were little, that you would win an Academy award one day ;)


You are at the stage in your life where you are figuring yourself out. You loved gymnastics, but wanted to try something new. As hard as it was, we sat back and let you decide for yourself that you wanted to try dance class. If it were possible, you would want to enroll in gymnastics, dance, acting class, art class, and singing lessons. You love to learn new skills…and the thing is…you are good at them all! You don’t realize the talents you hold.


As you grow older, I long for my chubby, bright eyed little baby. But, I love watching the young lady you are becoming. Happy 8th birthday, my sweet Kennedy. Never stop entertaining us!

Love, Mom


To Jules on your 6th Birthday

My sweet girl,

The more I watch you grow, the more I tell myself to be more like Jules! You don’t let many things bother you, you adapt to any situation, and you always have a smile on your face. I hope you never lose your carefree spirit, because it’s one of your best traits!


If anyone is sitting on the couch with me at night…it’s you. You are my “snuggle bunny” and you love to hug and cuddle with mommy. Our spot on the sofa is getting smaller and smaller as you grow, but there will ALWAYS be room!

You are such a great friend. You always think of others, and always play nice with everyone. No wonder everyone loves that Julesy Wulsey!


I love to just watch you when you don’t notice I’m there. You say and do really random things, and you make me laugh so much.


I love that you don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing. You could be in the middle of a game with your friends, and then just say “I’m going take a nap!” You love your food and sleep! That’s why you are such a happy girl…always rested and always full :)


We are so proud of you, Jules! You are such a good girl…rarely getting into trouble. I know you will rock first grade pretty soon! You are the sweetest sister and daughter, and we are lucky God put you into our family. I hope you enjoyed your painting party and your new bike! I cannot wait to continue celebrating with you when we are on the beach in a couple of days.


Love you, snuggle bunny!




Sometimes I think we have lost our minds completely. That’s how I felt when we booked  a Disney vacation 30 days out. We were having a conversation about vacations and decided, “lets go to Disney next month!”

We decided we would not tell the kids until the day before we left. On Easter morning as I was drinking my coffee, I checked my secret countdown. It was 10 days closer. I talk to Seth and told him I wanted to tell them that day. He agreed.

After the Easter Bunny hype died down, we dressed for the day. Before we headed out the door, I sat the kids down to tell them some bad news. I told the girls they would not be going on their field trip which was coming up. They look devastated. “Why!?” I told them that they would be going some place better. Seth then walked up with a box to reveal our Magic Bands. I had goosebumps all over when they just stared wide eyed. The top of the box read “10 days.”





Seth and I received the tightest hugs – it was the best moment. We all could not stop smiling!




This will be Easton’s first time meeting the mouse, and I think I’m more excited than the kids. It’s just a magical place, and I can’t wait to see their little faces light up.

That Crazy Elf!

Herbie continued his shenanigans in the kids bathroom one morning. We found him sitting on the toilet with a poop emoji face!


Easton was all smiles when we found Herbie the next day with Mickey & Minnie Mouse! When we looked closer, we noticed that Herbie had on his own Mickey ears!



He thought he was a baby the next day…we caught him in a baby doll carrier wrapped in a blanket…drinking a bottle!

The next day I heard, “How did he do that!?” Mr. Herbie made a snowman out of the girls’ door in their room!


The girls were not happy the next day when they found that Herbie put them on the naughty list. In fact, he put our entire family on the naughty list….and HE was the only one on the nice list!! What a stinker!


That day, Kennedy lost her third tooth. She anxiously put her tooth under her pillow so that the Tooth Fairy would pass. When she woke up the next morning, she found a special note from Herbie. He actually met the Tooth Fairy!! He said she was full of glitter!



They were all giggles the next day when they found Herbie on the balance beam. There were even judges giving him scores! They kept pointing out deductions they saw in his form!


That night, that little stinker snuck into my room and drew on our honeymoon picture!


The kids were all wide-eyed the next day when we found Herbie dangling from the attic string in the hallway. He was disguised as Spiderman himself!


He had a sleepover that night with some friends (girls!!??). They were using socks as sleeping bags, and they had paper towels for pillows!


Herbie brought a special gift the next day. The kids have been wanting their very own manger, and that’s exactly what he brought! I was blown away by how well they knew the details of the story.





The Return of Our Favorite Elf

When all the neighbors’ elves came the day after Thanksgiving, Kennedy & Jules were getting concerned that Herbie forgot to come to our house! Finally, a couple of days later, he showed up in a delivery box. He told the girls the traffic was so bad at the North Pole, he hitched a ride on the UPS truck!




I explained to Herbie that he better hide very high this year, because Easton does not realize he cannot touch Herbie. We definitely don’t want a situation like last year!

The next morning we found Herbie sitting next to a pretty lady….dressed in Barbie clothing!


We woke up to a surprise the next day when he brought 3 little elf friends from the North Pole! He instructed the kids to put the elves on our Christmas tree so we would always remember elf magic.



Ribbet collage

Herbie got into the fridge that night and left us a smiley message!


Easton was all smiles the next morning when he found Herbie riding his tractor!


I heard giggles from the bathroom the next morning when the girls found Herbie hanging around in the shower! They took a bathe in my bathtub that night, because they were nervous he would come down!


We watched the movie ELF that night, and Herbie must have been watching, too! We found him drinking syrup the next morning (Buddy the elf does this in the movie).


The next day I heard, “Really, Herbie!?” Herbie put on gymnastics medals and posed himself by the trophies!


To Jules on Your 5th Birthday

My Julesy,

These letters get harder and harder to write every year. It means you are growing fast – much faster than I would like! However, you are growing into such a young lady…and Dad and I are so proud.


You have the most kindest & gentlest heart. You always think of others, and you always want what’s best for other people. For your birthday this year, you asked Nana for a Build-A-Bear. She brought you to the mall by yourself, and let you stuff, dress, and name your bear (bunny). You asked Nana if you could make 2 bears…so that you could bring one home to Kennedy. You are just the sweetest little girl! We are so lucky to have such a caring daughter!


You still randomly come up to me and say, “Mom, I love you!” It melts my heart every time. You are the best snuggler and cuddler…and I could squeeze you to pieces! I wonder how long you will let me do that!


Not only are you beautiful on the inside, but on the outside too! Your curls, dimples, and that tan (that Mom is so jealous of) will break the hearts of many little boys one day….one day FAR FAR away.


You have so much determination. A couple of months ago, you randomly asked me to take the training wheels off of your bike. I tried helping you and showing you how to ride on two wheels. You kept pushing me away, and told me you could do it by yourself! It took two days, and you were riding everywhere. You work hard for what you want!


Keep being your own person….keep being Jules! I love that you stay true to yourself no matter what.


I hope you had a fantastic birthday party this weekend – you deserve everything in the world! I love you so much, Julesy Wulesy!




Crawfish & Beads (everywhere)

This weekend we called a bunch of friends over for a good ole fashioned crawfish boil. The weather was perfect, and the kids played outside ALL day – they were all sleeping before 8:00pm.

The girls enjoyed helping Daddy wash the crawfish before their hot bath!





We sat outside all day and just enjoyed the company and the weather – the kids loved playing with the leftover beads from last weeks parade.







With so many beads left over, we decided to have our own parade down our driveway. All the kids snatched some form of transportation and lined up at the end of pave. They hung beads from their bikes, wagons, tractors, scooters, etc. It was precious. They came down the driveway, and they were so proud to throw us their beads! They went back and lined up 3 more times to “do it again!”








We had beads EVERYWHERE – in the grass, on the porch, on the patio, down the driveway, and under the carport…but the kids had a blast, and that’s all that counts, right!?

These are some of my favorite days – just sitting at home surrounded by good company and enjoying life :)

We Are Going To…

It’s been 2 years since we had our magical Disney vacation, and I was getting the Disney itch…bad. A week long family trip was not in the cards for us this year, so I proposed a girls trip. Daddy was not upset about having the house to himself with Easton :)

Nana decided to come along…and we asked the other grandkids. Hailey was the only one who jumped on the bandwagon, so it ended up being a true girls trip.

When we went 2 years ago, I told the girls when there were 10 days left to leave. That was TOO long to wait. They had no concept of 10 days. This time, I decided to wait until 2 days before we left. I created a scavenger hunt for them….they had to find clues all over Nana’s house. The clues would spell a special message :)





The clues were hidden all over. Each time they would find one, it would give them a clue to where the next one was hiding. They absolutely LOVED finding clues. In fact, when we got home, they wanted to play “scavenger hunt” again.






Each clue held a letter to the special message. There were numbers on the back of the letters to help them “spell” it later :)





When they found all the clues, I laid out the message board for them – it was time to figure out the message!


I had them put the letters where they went on the board. They knew where the letters went, because the numbers on the back told them where to place them on the board.





Finally, we unveiled the message. Kennedy had the honor of reading it out loud.






Their first questions were, “When!? Today!? Tomorrow!?” I told Seth I should have waited to tell them on the way to the airport!!! They were SO excited when they found out their cousin Hailey was coming with us – they look up to her so much. I told them it would be a quick trip, but it was better than not going at all! We had a lot to do in 3 days, and we could not wait to begin.



Herbie Wrap-Up

Herbie found the hidden spot for stickers, because we found him covered in princess stickers one day!


He scored 3 points the next morning when we found him stuck in Easton’s basketball goal!


Herbie spoke with a fellow elf, and decided to get on Mommy’s snapchat while we were asleep. The girls were tickled with his pictures.






The next morning we found that he wrote all of his favorite Christmas song titles on a roll of paper towels!


Every year the kids laugh so hard when Herbie places their underwear in silly spots. This year, he hung them on our dining room light!


The next day he was feeling playful, because we found him in Easton’s jack-in-the-box.


That night, Kennedy made Herbie a necklace and a bracelet. We laid it out for him hoping he would find it in the morning. Sure enough, when we woke up, we found him wearing her craft with a thank you note.



However, that night before dinner, something terrible happened. Herbie thought he was hiding high enough, but to our surprise, Easton was tall enough to touch his leg and bring him down…to the ground. Both girls immediately started crying and staring at him – it was a catastrophe. I told them that Easton didn’t know any better…and that Herbie probably understood the situation.


Jules looked up with her big teary eyes and said, “I think we need to say a Hail Mary.” So, we stood in a circle around Herbie and held hands as we said the prayer. I said that prayer biting my lip so hard to keep from giggling. Anything to keep the magic alive :)

To our surprise, while we were eating dinner, Herbie magically hopped back onto the windowsill in the exact position he was before. We knew he would be fine!!

We knew he was ok the next morning when we found that he drew faces on all the mandarins!


He left a countdown on our mirror the next day reminding us that there were only “3 more days” until Christmas day!


The next morning we all were laughing. Herbie drew on the kids’ noses while they were asleep. He colored them all green!!






On his last morning with our family, we found Herbie drew on our wall picture! He loves to do this every year before he leaves ;)


Thanks for another great year, Herbie! We enjoy you so much, and we love the joy you bring to the kids. See you next year!








Elfing Around

Herbie has been so busy lately that he got himself stuck in our snowman decoration…


He must have wanted to relax the next day, because we found him watching TV by a little fireplace!


After we looked everywhere the next morning, we finally found Herbie in our refrigerator. The girls were full of giggles when they realized he put googly eyes on everything in our fridge – including himself! He was hiding in our cheese drawer!



He must have been up to no good the next day, because we found he got caught in one of our cabinets!


Then next morning he was full of jokes as he left a knock knock joke for the kids to read – Knock Knock – who’s there ? – Mary. – Mary who? – Mary Christmas!! They repeated that joke all day long.


We found him in the mudroom on our calendar the next day – he circled his favorite date!


The kids loved that he played tic tac to with our marshmallows. They wanted to play too!


The next morning we found Herbie playing our Operation game – with a surgical mask on! Jules said she didn’t hear the buzzer go off…Herbie must be good at this game!


He must have needed some caffeine the next morning when we found him in a coffee cup under the Keurig machine. Mamma was not happy when she couldn’t have her afternoon coffee that day!


Herbie made it up by cleaning the bathroom mirror – with Mom’s favorite product – Scentsy Counter Cleaner :)


The next day we found him coloring in a Christmas coloring book – he even wrote his name on one of the pages!