To Kennedy on your 8th Birthday


When I think of you, I think of chubby little cheeks, pinchable thighs, and a little girl always on the “stage” of our fireplace for nightly entertainment. When I look at you lately, I see a young lady almost as tall as me, wearing adult shoe sizes, with a sarcastic wit you get from me and Daddy. You are only in second grade, and sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a 20 year old. You make us laugh all the time, and I hope you continue to make people smile everyday.


I don’t think you realize how smart you are. Dad and I are always looking at each other silently thinking, “how does she know that?” You love to read, and you have a broad vocabulary for an eight year old. Just a couple of months ago, you were reading picture books. Lately, I see bookmarks in thick chapter books, and it blows my mind! This will be so useful to you in whatever career you choose. Keep reading, my dear!


You are so funny, Kenn. You have a sarcastic wit that I believe you are still trying to figure out how to use. Sometimes it gets you in trouble, but mostly makes us belly laugh. Pair that with your dramatic nature, and you are one hilarious young lady. I cannot wait to see where you end up when you are older …. I’m pretty sure it will be on a stage of some kind. We have said from when you were little, that you would win an Academy award one day ;)


You are at the stage in your life where you are figuring yourself out. You loved gymnastics, but wanted to try something new. As hard as it was, we sat back and let you decide for yourself that you wanted to try dance class. If it were possible, you would want to enroll in gymnastics, dance, acting class, art class, and singing lessons. You love to learn new skills…and the thing is…you are good at them all! You don’t realize the talents you hold.


As you grow older, I long for my chubby, bright eyed little baby. But, I love watching the young lady you are becoming. Happy 8th birthday, my sweet Kennedy. Never stop entertaining us!

Love, Mom


Finding My Place in the Superdome

This past weekend, I attended the Saints run with my husband and a couple of friends. It’s a race around the city of New Orleans that ends inside the Superdome on the fifty yard line. Let me tell you about a passion I don’t have…running. I will never understand how people can just jog or run sprints for fun. Even in the stage of my life where I was the most fit and most in shape my body had ever been….I still couldn’t run. Let me not say that I can’t run, but I choose not to. It’s an activity I was never interested in, and as much as I try to like it, I just accept that I don’t. I struggle running to my mailbox. I only run if I’m chasing one of the kids, or if I’m getting chased by a wild animal.

Ya’ll, I had to borrow tennis shoes for a 5K, because I did not own a pair. So why on God’s earth did by friend sign me up for a freaking race around the city of New Orleans?

We left our house and headed for the race at 5:00am. Seriously, tell me again who does this for fun? We arrived and I immediately felt like an elephant at a mouse convention…out of place. There were people stretching, listening to motivational songs on their earphones, and putting tape in weird places on their legs and ankles. Some were drinking protein shakes, some had special running gear, expensive tennis shoes, and fancy running apps on their phones and watches.



I was in awe of the time and practice these people were obviously putting into this race. I was standing there, with my fancy runner’s number safety pinned to my shirt, wondering what the hell I would do when that buzzer sounded to start the race. I would get trampled on and probably die from the stampede of the seven thousand people who were in line.

The buzzer sounded, and I took off with the rest of the crowd. I positioned myself to the far left so I would not be in anyone’s way. I saw my husband and friends way ahead of me, and I was so proud of them. But then, I stopped.

I got off of the path and I stopped, because I knew I did not want to keep on going. I knew I would get crap for not finishing. I knew I would get “I knew you wouldn’t do it” smack talk. But then I had an epiphany. Maybe my place there was not to be a runner, but to be a supporter.

I immediately started up the side ramp to enter the Superdome. I headed down to the field straight to the finish line. I hung out with the mascot for a while, and I waited for my tribe to come inside and do what they came to do…finish.


I was able to video each of them crossing the finish line – something they would not have if I wasn’t their cheerleader friend. I was there cheering as loud as I could for each of them, and I had goosebumps when they came through the finishing arch. Did I feel like a failure, or secretly want to cross the finish line myself? Actually, no. I felt so much peace that day being exactly where I needed to be at that time.



We all have our abilities, and obviously running is not one of mine…but maybe that’s why I like to write or take pictures. Accept your weaknesses, because there’s a reason why you have them in the first place.

To Easton on your 3rd Birthday

My sweet boy,

How has it been 1,095 days since we saw your precious little face for the first time? Every single day you’ve been here, you have put a smile on our faces. You can brighten anyone’s day with your charm and personality.


You are so funny! You love to be silly and joke around. You like to dance silly with your crazy sisters, and you think it’s hilarious when you make funny noises. When I hear that belly laugh, I can’t help but giggle myself.


You still do not play with toys. We have so many fire trucks, tractors, and blocks in your room, but you don’t play with any. You literally only want to play ball. It doesn’t matter what kind, but you play with tennis balls, baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, golf balls, and bouncy balls. I have counted 32 balls in our house (this is not counting ALL the balls we keep outside). 32 balls….and you play with every single one. You truly live up to your name.



When you are not kicking them, you are throwing them. When you are not throwing them, you are hitting them with your bats. All of Mom’s picture frames in our living room do not have glass on the front of them anymore. I hope you can replace those for me one day :) You are so good at what you love. I cannot wait to watch you play T-ball in the spring.


You are a typical little boy. You love to get dirty, but don’t like to take a bath. You love to “use it” outside in the grass. You love to hit and kick things just because. You love to fish with daddy in the pond, and love to ride in anyone’s boat. But you are definitely a sweet momma’s boy, and I love to snuggle you every night.


You are quite the little celebrity. When we go to the bank, you get treats from the ladies at the window. When we walk into the store, the cashiers always wave and high five “East!” When you walk through school, you are always getting high fives and pats on the head. I love that you are so loved.


My hope for you is that you keep adding a little bit of sunshine to everyone’s day. Keep being the lovable, funny, little firecracker that you are today. I hope you had a blast at your Toy Story birthday party. Momma & Daddy love you more than you know.

Love, Mom

To Jules on your 6th Birthday

My sweet girl,

The more I watch you grow, the more I tell myself to be more like Jules! You don’t let many things bother you, you adapt to any situation, and you always have a smile on your face. I hope you never lose your carefree spirit, because it’s one of your best traits!


If anyone is sitting on the couch with me at night…it’s you. You are my “snuggle bunny” and you love to hug and cuddle with mommy. Our spot on the sofa is getting smaller and smaller as you grow, but there will ALWAYS be room!

You are such a great friend. You always think of others, and always play nice with everyone. No wonder everyone loves that Julesy Wulsey!


I love to just watch you when you don’t notice I’m there. You say and do really random things, and you make me laugh so much.


I love that you don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing. You could be in the middle of a game with your friends, and then just say “I’m going take a nap!” You love your food and sleep! That’s why you are such a happy girl…always rested and always full :)


We are so proud of you, Jules! You are such a good girl…rarely getting into trouble. I know you will rock first grade pretty soon! You are the sweetest sister and daughter, and we are lucky God put you into our family. I hope you enjoyed your painting party and your new bike! I cannot wait to continue celebrating with you when we are on the beach in a couple of days.


Love you, snuggle bunny!




Sometimes I think we have lost our minds completely. That’s how I felt when we booked  a Disney vacation 30 days out. We were having a conversation about vacations and decided, “lets go to Disney next month!”

We decided we would not tell the kids until the day before we left. On Easter morning as I was drinking my coffee, I checked my secret countdown. It was 10 days closer. I talk to Seth and told him I wanted to tell them that day. He agreed.

After the Easter Bunny hype died down, we dressed for the day. Before we headed out the door, I sat the kids down to tell them some bad news. I told the girls they would not be going on their field trip which was coming up. They look devastated. “Why!?” I told them that they would be going some place better. Seth then walked up with a box to reveal our Magic Bands. I had goosebumps all over when they just stared wide eyed. The top of the box read “10 days.”





Seth and I received the tightest hugs – it was the best moment. We all could not stop smiling!




This will be Easton’s first time meeting the mouse, and I think I’m more excited than the kids. It’s just a magical place, and I can’t wait to see their little faces light up.

March Madness

What a bad Mama I am for not updating in almost one month! The days are rare when we can just relax lately. The older the kids gets, the busier they get – I have deemed myself a professional taxi/Uber driver.

Our Harley Marley turned 10 years old this month! He still gets into trouble, but he is the sweetest. He is slowing turning grey/white on his neck and back. We love that old man! The kids in the neighborhood sang Happy Birthday to him wearing Paw Patrol masks!


Now that the weather is a lot warmer, Dad takes the crew fishing after school during the week. They each have their own pole, and are oh so proud!



Jules is still practicing gymnastics, and has mastered her backbend kickover! She has a pretty good teacher ;) They play gym class almost every night.

Kennedy went to the eye doctor, and landed some pretty cool frames. They are for classroom use only (not full time), and she is taking really good care of them, surprisingly! Jules was upset she didn’t get a pair!


They all had a blast at their school’s Spring Festival. The rain held out for us on the day we attended. We came home with about 7 goldfish (Easton won two by himself)…we let the fishies go swim with their other fish friends in the pond ;)




Jules has been practicing for her upcoming Kindergarten Graduation, Kennedy has been practicing for her upcoming gymnastics state meet, and Easton has been “trying” to practice on the potty.

We are anxiously awaiting the Easter Bunny’s arrival…and some surprises for the kids in the near future!

I literally look at my calendar day by day nowadays and just pray it tells me where to go next LOL. Living the busy life, but loving every minute!








Our One Day of White

Living in South Louisiana, we don’t see snow very often. Every several years (when it does “snow”), it’s usually not enough to even stay on the ground. This past weekend, however, we were in for a huge white surprise.

The news kept predicting snow flurries. We thought we would get sleet here and there, but nothing major. The schools closed for wintery weather conditions, but we were still not expecting much. I watched out the window for two hours until it finally came. I woke the enter house up as I was jumping up and down.

The kids went out in their pajamas, because we honestly thought this was all we were getting….a couple of flurries.




Easton wasn’t too impressed at first…



When we thought it was over, we came inside and lit a fire. The girls drank hot chocolate to warm up.


To our surprise, it started again…this time harder! It started sticking to the ground which we never see here!





Our neighbors walked over, and everyone could not stop smiling. It was so exciting. I don’t think the kids realize how rare it is that we got so much snow!

Ribbet collage







I told the kids we had to build a snowman. It was on my bucket list! I had no clue I would be able to cross that off at my own house! We piled some snow together from various places and we made the tiniest and cutest little snowman ever.


Ribbet collage2


As it kept accumulating on the ground, we decided to make a “big” snowman! All the neighborhood helped – it is one of my favorite memories.


Ribbet collage3



Ribbet collage4

I made all of the kids take a picture with the snowman. Easton was ready for his nap, but I made him take one anyway – how many times do you get to take a picture with a snowman in your front yard, son!?

Ribbet collage5

What other fun can you have in the snow? Snow angels!! Mom, Dad, and Jules were the only brave enough fools to lay their bodies on the freezing ground. Not to mention we did not have the adequate clothes for snow….oh well….YOLO!

Ribbet collage6


Harley and Deuce didn’t know what in the world was going on that day. Harley kept licking the snow. Deuce wanted to come outside so bad, but his little 2 pound self would have froze to death. I wrapped him in a blanket and let him come for a little while, but he was shivering!



I really could not stop taking pictures. The white rooftops of all the houses, the snow covered sugar cane, just the raw beauty of it all…I was so amazed.

We just stayed outside most of the day…taking it all in before it melted away the next day.




It was bittersweet going to bed that night knowing it was only one day. It literally was one of the best days, and I will remember it for a long time. It was such a nice surprise, too! Thank you, Lord, for your beautiful creation!





The Morning Marathon

You know what I’m talking about. That 30-45 minute race against the clock…the tug-of-war with their mood vs. your mood, and all the hurdles you jump in between.

Event 1: The Awakening

It starts off so peaceful…rubbing their backs, talking so softly, wiping the hair from their faces. A little while later, you may turn on a little light…maybe take the blankets off a bit. Ten minutes later you are shouting at the top of your lungs because no one has moved an inch. They just stare at you. “Why is this woman so paranoid every morning!?”

Event 2: The Gear

You have everything laid out and ready. All they need to do is simply put it on their little bodies. They move at the pace of a sloth. You are watching the clock. MOVE PEOPLE! All hell breaks loose when the line on the sock doesn’t match up perfectly with their toes. Lord, help me. Breathe.

Event 3: The Prep

Everyone is dressed…finally. It’s time to brush their teeth and fix their hair. Compose yourself. This can be bad…or really good. It depends on the beast. You just stay quiet and hope that ponytail holder doesn’t stretch too tight. Say a small prayer the toothpaste comes out of the tube in the exact amount they need. Stay strong.

Event 4: The Finish Line

The end is near yet so far away. Do they have everything in their bags? Did you sign all the papers? Do they need to bring anything special for class today? Your mind is racing. You walk outside  to wait for the bus. They are cold. They are hot. It’s too foggy. The sun is in their eyes. It’s too dark. They are sweating. Two more minutes until you can breathe.

Finally the bus is coming down the street. Someone yells they have to pee. Seriously? Another race…did they not feel this urge in the past 30 minutes? Deep breaths.

They are finally on the bus to school…you kiss them and wave goodbye. Then here comes the guilt that you feel…you could have been calmer…maybe more patient. You could have run a better race.

Event 5: The Aftermath

You go back inside to chaos that’s left. Pajamas on the floor, toothpaste smeared in the sink, unmade beds, papers on the counter, dishes in the sink, and towels on the bathroom counter. You don’t have time to clean any of it, because you need to get to your actual job.

I feel your pain! And let’s not even talk about dress down day when this entire routine is thrown off. By the time I get to my “normal” job, I truly feel like I ran a marathon….twice….and the only medal or trophy I have to show for it is the stress on my face and the bags under my eyes.

Stay strong, team. We can do it!


That Day We Met TIM & FAITH!

I still cannot believe this happened, ya’ll. It was definitely an experience to remember.

Thanks to my nanny for pulling some strings and getting us in to watch the filming of Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s new music video “The Rest of our Life.”

Mom and I could not containment our excitement – we were giddy all day. Of course we had hopes to meet them, but we were just excited to see them in action!


We made it to the set before they did. We walked around the bar scene created. We were in awe by all the knick knacks, pictures, and love notes – including one from Johnny Cash to June <3





They filmed outside first. We just stared at their beauty – I had to remind myself to take pictures, because I was just staring :) She was on the phone in between shots, and he was taking pictures of the scenery.




We then went inside where Faith had to film the bar scene. On the way in, Tim noticed a guitar which is free for anyone to play in the restaurant when they are normally open. He picked it up and started playing whatever came to mind!






We were in different rooms than the filming, but we were able to watch on the TV screens in the equipment room. Since Tim was not in these scenes, he was in this room also watching and talking to everyone. He was such a nice country boy – he reminded me of the guys in our area…just drinking beer and talking about fishing and sports.

As Faith was walking through a door in one of her scenes, he looked at the screen and said, “Look, ya’ll, that’s my wife.” OMG <3



I did not want to intrude and ask him to take pictures – I did not want to bother him! I guess he saw Mom and I just staring, and he said “Do ya’ll want to take a picture?”

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!


We met Faith and shook hands in passing when she was leaving the makeup area. We could not get a picture with her since they were whisking her away to start filming again. Oh my, ya’ll, she is so beautiful….and so nice.

It has been killing me not to post about this since September 18th! We were asked by the production crew not to post any pictures or videos until the music video came out to the public. I’m so thankful to my nanny and family for letting us experience this once in a lifetime day! I’m also super thankful I got to do it all with my mamma :)

To Kennedy on your 7th Birthday

My sweet Kennedy,

I can’t believe you are already 7. SEVEN! No more smocked dresses, less and less bows, and even toys are becoming a thing of the past. Seven years sure did fly by quickly, but I SO enjoy watching to grow in to a beautiful and smart young lady.


Did I mention SMART!? You are blowing me away by everything you are learning in school. You ace all of your tests, you are eager to do homework, and you actually want to read books all the time! I could not ask for a better student. Keep up the hard work, and you will do amazing things.


You have been working so hard over the past year at training for your first gymnastics competition next month. I have seen you grow so much as a gymnast. You fall…get back up… and try harder. You never want to quit – after hours of practice, you come home and you are still flipping. It’s in your blood, and I love your dedication.


Being the oldest, you help me out so much. I can already tell that you will be a good little mamma one day. You are so caring and considerate toward Jules & Easton. They are lucky to have a big sister to look up to like you :)


I love your hilarious personality. I find selfies, videos, and the funniest messages all day long. I love when we laugh so hard that tears are coming down our faces. You are contagious! Some of my favorite moments are in the car on the way to gymnastics. You love for us to play “funny stories” – we have to tell a hilarious story to see who will laugh first. I think I laugh more at YOU than the story.


You make me so proud to be your mommy, Kennedy. Have a wonderful seventh birthday, my love.

Love, Mom

Ribbet collagedea