First Days of School…finally all in the same place!

Kennedy started second grade, and Jules started first grade. They are just down the hall from each other. They pretended like they weren’t ready to go back to school, but they surely jumped out of bed real quick on the first day!






One week later it was time for our little man to start, too. Just like his sisters, Easton started Prek 3 at the same school. He aged about 3 years when he put that little uniform on the first day! He was SUPER excited about his school bag. He had to try on his school bag every single day since we brought it home. He was also super excited to use his new scissors (I hope those are hidden in the classroom for a while).



He surely walked in that school like he knew where he was going. Daddy came with us walk him in on his first day. He didn’t want to hold my hand or anything! He walked right in and started playing with the toys. We gave him hugs and he just looked at us and said, “BYEE!!!!”



We got back in the car and I told Seth that NONE of our kids cried for me on the first day. Not a tear! Most kids were holding onto their moms and were really hesitant….not mine! They were excited to leave their poor momma!


I’m so happy that are all finally in the same place! They all had great first days…I heard about all their stories on the way home. I’m so glad they are off to such a great start this school year :)

Schools Out! – Kindergarten Graduation

My calendar is a hot mess right now – between everyone’s schedules, extra curricular activities, and my jobs, it’s been so hard to think straight lately! I’m a little late on our end of the school year postings, but better late than never, right!?

Jules finished Kindergarten a couple of days before Kennedy (who obviously was not happy about that!)


A couple of weeks before school ended, Jules failed her eye screening at school. I brought her to a pediatric optimologist who confirmed Jules is near-sighted. She was able to choose whatever glasses she wanted, and I think they look adorable on her precious face. She is doing surprisingly well at taking care of them!

She sure has grown in the past school year! My baby girl is catching up in height to her big sis.


We can’t thank her teacher enough for everything this school year. We were blessed to have the same Kindergarten teacher Kennedy had…so we’ve been with her for two years straight! We will surely miss her!


Kennedy finished the year with all A’s…she has really grown mentally and physically. Her toes were busting out of her shoes, her skirts were getting shorter, and her shirts were becoming shorter! She will pass momma up in no time.

Ribbet collage2

We were blessed in the teacher department in first grade as well. Her teacher would lend her chapter books throughout the year, and she enjoyed reading “the whole thing!” She loves Language Arts just like her mom!


Later in the week, we all dressed up to attend Jules’ Kindergarten Graduation.





Jules was so excited for all of us to attend – she kept asking, “how many more days!?”



Their class sang a couple of songs on stage, then received their certificates from Father Vincent. My girl could not stop smiling.





We stayed for refreshments and small talk with her friends – a lot of whom she will be seeing all summer!



We are extremely proud of both girls who are doing so well in school. They deserve the best summer break ever! They are already enjoying spending so much time in the pool. They are both darker than me already! Happy summer, ya’ll!



Jules’ Kindergarten Field Trip – Strawberry Farm

For Jules’ Kindergarten field trip, we visited Liuzza Land Farms – a strawberry farm with so many activities for kids. I went on this trip with Kennedy last year…it’s one of my favorites!  The farm is decorated so perfectly, and everything is so organized. When it was time to leave, Jules said, “already!?”




Our first activity was picking some delicious strawberries. We were able to get in the fields and pick a crate for each of us to bring home – the kids enjoyed eating them when we got home!





Our next stop was AgVenture Land where the focus was “farm to table”. The kids became farmers and had to collect their goods to sell to the market. They  collected milk, wool, and eggs. They had to bring their goods to the market and sort them in baskets. After their hard days work, they were treated to an apple!




Next we met some goats and donkeys around the farm. Jules fed them apples…they were eager to eat anything! We then took a mule ride around the farm.





Next we headed to the enormous jumping pillow and hill slide – these were Jules’ favorites!




Lastly, we took a relaxing guided wagon tour around the fields – over 500 acres! We learned about fertilizing, harvesting, packing & cooling, and delivering the produce.



I had such a fun day with my Jules. I loved spending some one on one time with her! I know she enjoyed it just as much as I did :)



Jules’ Kindergarten Field Trip – Pumpkin Patch & Peltier Park

Jules’ Kindergarten class had their fall field trip at the Pumpkin Patch followed by lunch at the nearby park. Huge thanks to Nana for taking her since Mom & Dad had busy work weeks. I appreciated the pictures we received all day!





They started their Pumpkin Patch fun with story time and songs. The class even danced to one of their favorites sons…”Tootie Ta!”



They then went outside for some pumpkin fun! Jules was able to choose a pumpkin to bring home!






Next they headed to the park for a nice picnic before returning to school.



Thanks so much, Nana, for being with Jules on her field trip. I know she enjoyed it just as much as you did :)


First Days – Kindergarten & First Grade

The girls were up and ready early this week – so much excitement for the first week of school! By next week, I’ll be dragging them out of bed to get dressed.

Kennedy went to school first this week – Jules went a couple of days later. The highlights of Kennedy’s week were: the back to school pep rally, bringing a water bottle to school in her backpack (BIG DEAL), and using a highlighter “for the first time ever.”



She’s growing into such a young lady these days. One day this week she has already asked for “no bow.” Dagger to the heart!!!

Ribbet collage

My Julesy girl was super excited to start Kindergarten. She kept saying, “But, Mom, I don’t know how to do homework!” She’s so nervous about getting homework :)



My Oh My how my Baby Jules has grown over the last couple of years. She, too, is becoming such a wonderful young lady.


Easton was so excited that he tried getting on the bus too – in his boxer shorts! Not this soon, buddy!!

IMG_1700 - Copy

We are hoping for a safe and successful school year for all of our family and friends…virtual ones, too!




School’s OUT! (& Kindergarten Graduation)

On the last day of school, Kenn had a pizza party and Jules had an ice cream sundae party! Perfect treats to start their summer vacation. They sure have grown this year – I am so proud of the little ladies they are becoming. We are thankful to their teachers who guided them through this tough school year. Look out kindergarten and first grade!

Ribbet collage


Ribbet collage66



A couple of days later, everyone put on their best to attend Kennedy’s kindergarten graduation. They clean up well ;)




I love to go back and look at pictures of Kennedy and cousin Luke. They were so tiny in PreK-3! I love watching them grow together at school – they will always watch out for each other.

Ribbet collage5





Since Kennedy lost her first tooth on the last day of school, she was not able to show any of her classmates. So the minute she saw anyone, she proudly showed the hole in her mouth – even on stage :)


I had mixed feelings about this graduation. I was happy the kids are growing and doing so well in school…and excited for their new chapter in first grade. However, I still carry a heavy heart that there would be one less classmate to finish the year. DSC_0164

How do you pay tribute to a fallen classmate (in a room full of kindergarteners) without anyone getting scared or confused? The school, teachers, and staff handled it so beautifully. At the start of the ceremony, the class walked in with white roses to place at Samantha’s table. Her slideshow played in the background. It was the perfect, most simple and pure way to honor this angel. This class will never forget her precious face. They are all much stronger than I am…who could barely take pictures behind the tears. However, I know she gives them strength to handle whatever comes their way.




Once on stage, Kennedy led the room in the opening prayer…The Hail Mary.

Ribbet collage243

The classes then performed “This Little Light of Mine” and “The Butterfly Song.” We then watched a slideshow of the cuties on stage.




Kennedy received her certificate of completion signifying she was officially a FIRST GRADER!


We had cake and lemonade afterwards, but Mr. Easton was not in a good mood….beast mode, actually. We stayed long enough for everyone to have cake, but then had to bring that man home to bed.


Ribbet collage7

Tough and emotional year, but this class pulled through. Now they will have an angel watching down from the best seat in class :) Congratulations to all!


SPC Family/Field Day 2017

Every year our school hosts a Family/Field day where parents can go and watch the kids play numerous games with their classmates. Lunch is offered, and the family can sit down and have a picnic on the playground! The girls were excited for me to bring Easton to school…and I think he was just as excited. He wanted to go play with them so bad!

Since each student stays with their class, I had to run back and forth with Easton to watch the girls at every game. I think I had just as much exercise as them on this day.

The first game was USE YOUR HEAD. They had to push a ball using only their head – Kennedy told me she was dizzy!



Game 2 was GOLF RACE. They used a golf club to putt the ball down the aisle. Easton clapped each time it was Kennedy or Jules’ turn. Such a good little brother!


DSC_0212 - Copy

Game 3 was a super cute activity called PIZZA DELIVERY. They had to deliver the pizza boxes (without dropping them) to the next person in line.



PLUNGING TO THE FINISH was Game 4. Sitting on a roller scooter, they had to use toilet plungers to make it across! Easton thought this one was hilarious ;)



Game 5 was another cute event – CARRY THE ARK. Using pool noodles as a base, they had to walk with a partner to “carry the ark” across the way. This one took a lot of balance!


Game 6 was DELIVER THE ICE CREAM. Another balancing act to get the ball across using only a cone cup!


My buddy wanted to go and play so bad. However, he was so good in that stroller and just watched everyone. I knew if I would let him out that would be a done deal – and he would never get back into the stroller. He waited so patiently until he was his turn.


Last but not least, BALLOON RUN was Game 7. They jumped across the way with a balloon in between their knees!


Daddy came meet us for lunch, and we had a picnic under the trees. It was a perfect weather day!

Easton was finally able to stretch those chubby legs and get on the playground. The girls kept brining him to each spot they play at recess. “Come see the slide, Easton! Easton, this is where I swing! Easton, come see this playhouse!” He didn’t know where to look first!



The entire day was very well planned and organized – it ran so smoothly. Awesome job, SPC!