To Easton on your 4th Birthday

My sweet boy,

How are you already 4 years old? I feel like 2 & 3 years old were still “toddler” years, and you have grown into a big boy overnight.

You make us laugh every single day, Easton. Your personality is so funny, and your laugh is contagious. You love to be silly just like your sisters. One of your favorite things to do with them is build forts. The three of you use my dining room table and chairs and lay every blanket we have over the furniture. You get 3 flashlights and I can hear ya’ll giggling in the secret hideout. It usually ends in someone crying, but I enjoy it while it lasts :)

Four years later and you still don’t care to sit and play with toys…ever. When inside, you love to hit a balloon (mom had to hide all the balls) or “bottle flip.” You recently received a Nerf gun for your birthday. You shot it for a while, but then I caught you throwing the bullet up in the air and hitting it with the gun. Everything you find becomes a bat and ball. When you get punished from your bat, I find you stealing my wooden spoons from the kitchen drawer and using them as your bats. There is no denying your love for anything sports, and I cannot wait to see what becomes of your passion.

You are such a sweet boy, Easton. You love to snuggle and say, “I love you” randomly when passing me in the house. Every single time we go outside, I can expect that you will pick a flower from the grass and come up to me with your hands behind your back. You are 100 percent a “mama’s boy” and I love every second of it.

I hope you had a great first day as an official rider of the bus. You have been counting down the days until you were four so you could ride like your sisters. Dad and I love you so much, buddy. Stop growing so fast on this poor mama :)

Love, Mom

To Jules on your 7th Birthday

Sweet Jules,
I cannot wait to see what God has planned for your life. You are one of the most special little girls I know, and I am thankful that I get to witness your life everyday.

You have a smile and laugh that is contagious. You have the dimples, the curls, and the tan that most wish to have. You are funny and goofy, and you are not afraid to laugh at yourself. You are an amazing sister. You are never boastful, rude, or impatient. You are always so laid back and “go with the flow” in most situations. I strive to be more like you!

What I love most about you is your carefree spirit. No matter what your friends are doing, wearing, or eating, you make your own choices. Other people’s opinions don’t matter, and I pray you keep that quality for the rest of your life. I remind myself often to be more like Jules.

You have one of the most kindest hearts. You remind me a lot of my Maw-Maw Stella. Fun fact: your name was almost Stella :) I’m grateful we chose Jules, though, since it’s unique just like your personality.

I hope you had a blast at your sleepover this past week. You were spoiled with your favorite toy right now – L.O.L. dolls. Thank you for being such a joy in our lives. I love watching you grow and learn, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world. I love you, sweet girl.

Love, Mom


When I was in sixth grade, I sat in my assigned seat on our school bus. A super cute little bitty fourth grader sat next to me. We talked and quickly became friends. Growing up in a small town, we knew of each other and our families. I knew she had a handsome older brother and remember asking her for his school picture. She brought the photo to me, and I remember staring at his crew cut, his spaced out teeth, this skinnier than a rail handsome boy. I was smitten. Imagine my excitement when she asked me for a sleepover at her house. I would actually get to meet him.

Of course at this sleepover, I was awkward and shy and spoke under by breath. I barely acknowledged he was there, because I was embarrassed at what his sister had been telling him. Obviously I was a little young to date, so the crush phase would have to do for a while. My dreams came true when we became boyfriend and girlfriend four years later.

Surviving high school drama and a long distance college relationship, I answered the easiest question he ever asked me six years later…

During marriage prep, I remember one of the first questions our priest asked us as a couple. “Where do you see yourselves and your relationship in 10 years?” Would I be a horrible wife if I tell you that I can’t remember Seth’s answer? I vividly remember mine, though. I immediately answered, “Sitting on my front porch, swinging on my porch swing, while watching our kids play in the yard.” That’s it. That’s all I ever wanted as a wife and mother…to have a simple and happy life and family.

In the last ten years we’ve:

  • been through pregnancies
  • had our first child…and thought that was so fun we had 2 more
  • changed a bazzillion diapers
  • progressed in both of our jobs
  • built a house
  • grown closer to God
  • had another fur baby
  • been on multiple vacations
  • had a couple of ER visits
  • grieved the death of loved ones
  • gained plenty of new friends 

We’ve been busy. We’ve been challenged. We’ve shed tears through frustration … and then some from laughing so hard.  We’ve grown. 

Married for 10…together for 16…I love that our love story is my favorite. I hope in the next 10 years, we still sit on our patio late at night listening to music while the kids sleep. I hope he still slaps my butt when he passes me in the kitchen. I hope I still start his truck for him on cold mornings. I hope I still get random inappropriate texts.

I may mess up a lot in life…I may be the biggest hot mess around, but I know I made the right decision in marrying my husband. He is a man of God, an involved father, and a supporting partner. As an added bonus, I still look at him and think, “Damn that guy’s hot.”

I am forever grateful that my dream for a marriage and family came true – and that we sit on our front porch often, swinging on the porch swing, while we watch our kids play in the yard.

Everything else – the jobs, the house, the vacations, the absolute chaos…is a complete bonus.

I still pinch myself when I look at the jackpot I won in the marriage department. Lord knows it is not always easy. I don’t know a married couple out there who claims it’s easy and perfect.

But I so enjoy trying.

Our Favorite Elf is BACK!

To say we have been busy over the last month would be a huge understatement. So busy, in fact, I have not had time to update this blog in over a month! We are back just in time, though, to share some photos of our favorite elf from the North Pole.

Herbie returned the day after Thanksgiving. He flew through the wrong window in our house, and ended up in our coffee bar!


The next morning we found him singing nursery rhymes in Mom’s teapot!


The kids were all giggles when we found he was trapped on the fridge in Easton’s underwear!


That little stinker took one of our marshmallows and made himself comfy by a fire.


He thought he was taking some of our cookies the next day, but he actually took the dog treats! I don’t think he was happy.


He was showing respect for our manger scene by taking off his hat and kneeling the next day. The girls wanted to know why he was getting bald!


All the kids had to brush their teeth in Mom & Dad’s bathroom the next morning. Herbie filled their sink with marshmallows to take a bubble bath!


As we were getting dressed for church the next morning, we found him in our Advent wreath reminding us it was the first Sunday in Advent!


He flew very high the next day…we almost did not find where he was hiding! He was at the top of our Christmas tree!


I had to leave for four days and head to Texas for a work trip. I was super nervous at how Herbie would act without me around. However, he did not miss a beat! The kids Facetimed me every morning to show me where Herbie was before they left for school. One morning he was in our utility room trying to buy some laundry service!


He flew to the light and then to the bathroom the next days. On the night I came home, we found him making snow angels in the kitchen!


Easton was fussing Herbie the next morning when he found that he was riding his train. I bet Herbie was nervous being so close to the ground, but Easton did a great job of not touching him once!


“MOMMA! O.M.G!!,” is all I heard from the bathroom the next morning. Herbie apparently poops tootsie rolls. Those elves are something else!!


We found him admiring all of our Christmas cards we have been getting in the mail!


That little stinker took the kids’ underwear and hung them on the tree! He does this every year, and the kids laugh and laugh.


Another little elf told Herbie about this activity about giving. He set out a basket in the playroom and had the kids fill it up with toys they no longer played with. He took it to the North Pole that night to give to children who needed toys. I was actually surprised at how much they put into the basket. It was overflowing!


We enjoy our time with Herbie so much during the holidays. He adds so much JOY to this season! We don’t have many more days left with him, so we are making the most out of his remaining days!


Easter’s On It’s Way!


The day before Easter, we had some fun activities going on at Nana & Grampi’s house. The kids had an Easter egg hunt, did sack races, and dyed eggs!

Ribbet collage




Ribbet collage2


Pappy picked some fresh carrots from his garden, so that is what we left for The Easter Bunny that night! He ate every single carrot and left the stems!

Ribbet collage3

Ribbet collage4

The girls received DVDs and some fun stuff for the pool this summer. Easton received his favorite – balls! He also got a train whistle! Every time someone would blow it he would make this face:


We got dressed to go visit our family in Choupic. The girls looked so lovely.





I could not even handle Easton in his bow tie. He LOVED it. He did not take it off all day – he is such a ham!




We then headed to see our family in Choupic – always such a good time over there!

Ribbet collage5


Ribbet collage6


In typical Jules fashion, she managed to get her pretty dress filthy. When I asked her what happened she nonchalantly said, “I fell in the ditch”….and then just continued playing. HOT MESS!


The rain held out this year for a wonderfully spent Easter. He is risen!


Porch Posing

Before the rain headed our way this weekend, the girls were playing outside while I was swinging on our front porch. I decided to get my good ole camera out for some impromptu shots. Easton and Daddy were fishing in the pond, so we will have to get some good ones of him soon!





My favorites are of them being their silly selves – one of them would hide behind me and try to make the other one laugh.






This little photoshoot lasted literally about 2 minutes…until they ditched me to go fishing with the boys!



Put Your Hands Up! SPC Festival

After a devastating two weeks, our school festival was the perfect event to try and lift everyone’s spirits. The kids look forward to this every year. We had rain everyday; however, it was spotty. We enjoyed the food and company, and of course, the kids enjoyed the rides and games!





On every single ride, the girls would yell, “put your hands up!” They are little thrill seekers!



We came home with three more goldfish (last year they won four). We were so kind to let them swim free into the pond with their family :) We have enough living things under our roof!


Easton enjoyed watching the rides and listening to the sounds. He was able to ride the carousel (which he LOVED), and the car merry go round! Next year, he will be putting his hands up, too!

Mardi Gras Mambo

We attended our first parade of the season this weekend! This was Easton’s very first parade (last year we left him at home with a cough). He just stared at everything going on around him, and he loved to watch the floats, bands, and excitement.

The girls had a blast playing with their friends, eating too much cotton candy, and dancing to the music in the street!








This was the first year Kennedy did not ask to be held during the parade to get closer to the float – my big girl wanted to stay standing with her friends and catch beads and throws on her own. When did she grow up :(






Happy Mardi Gras, everybody! Laissez les bon temps rouler!!



We have two official cheerleaders! The girls have been working hard at their cheers, and finally were able to show them off at the first football game this weekend.













Both girls are so excited that they “finally” learned how to spell RAMS :)










It was MUDDY. It was HOT…..really HOT.

I was miserable in the stands, so I know they were miserable on the cheering grounds. Their brand new white shoes were miserable too :( Hopefully the cooler weather starts coming through soon!



Overall, they were champs and finished all of their cheers. Even though it was hot and muddy, they stuck it out and finished what they started! I was so proud of them. During a water break, I snapped my favorite picture of the day – this is how I felt too!!  GO RAMS!


Easton’s First Birthday – Puppy Pawty

I had so much fun planning and decorating Easton’s puppy paw-ty. He loves dogs, so I thought this theme was super cute for a boy. Snips & snails & puppy dog tails, right!?


Of course I had to throw in some themed food – served in dog bowls. The puppy suckers (Oriental Trading) were a hit – I also loved the sign on the bathroom door ;)

Ribbet collage1

Ribbet collage2

Ribbet collage3

Ribbet collage4


One of my favorite decorations were the dog face balloons. A little construction paper and a permanent marker can turn any balloon into the cutest puppy decoration! For favors, the girls helped me paint paw prints on white frisbees.

Ribbet collage5


We spent all morning setting up everything outside on the patio where we planned for the party to take place. Mother Nature reminded us not to plan TOO far ahead….about an hour before the party began, the heavens opened up and gave us a torrential downpour.

We spent the next hour moving the entire party inside our house. It was crazy & loud, but turned out fine – the birthday boy had a great time and that’s all that matters. Wonderful memories made – no matter where you are :)

Yes my house was a mess afterwards, but messes can be cleaned – it reminds me of a quote my mom used to have in our house growing up…”Excuse the mess, the children are making memories.”






I made everything except the Happy Birthday banner and the highchair banner. Those beauties came from Make My Day.



I ordered some doggie ears for the kiddos, and I painted their faces like little pups. They were too cute!







The cake was made by Sugarcoated by Michelle. It was so doggone cute – of course after I took the “official” cake picture, I noticed one of the puppies stuck their little paws in the cake…I have a good guess of who that was (*cough* JULES *cough*)




I thought for sure my boy would be in Heaven eating his cake, but it turned out he did not like the crowd or attention. He was overwhelmed and just wanted to eat in peace!








He enjoyed opening his presents (with his sisters help of course) – he now has a ton of “boy toys” to play with!









Despite the weather, his party turned out great… he was exhausted by the end! He could not keep his eyes open.

I hope you had a wonderful first birthday, my man! We love you so much!